The Sweet Life : DIY Toddler Bedroom

 Inspired by my desire to design, I have come to terms with this voice in my head ……. “If you can design cakes, you can certainly design, decorate and put together your home the way you imagine it!”

That being said, I began my first assignment, my toddlers bedroom!

As I created this room my thoughts  were to make it girly and fun!  I needed to make it  “interesting” enough for my toddler to want to spend more time in here- than in my 5 year old’s bedroom ( where all she does is explore and make a mess!😝) I also wanted to make sure I used some  items I already owned instead of going out and buying all new items and furniture.

Keep in mind , this room is the smallest room in my house but I was determined to fit in this list of “wants” for her bedroom! 😊

Denyla’s Bedroom Must Haves

  • GOLD decor 😍
  • TeePee
  • Full size bed
  • Wall collage 
  • Lamp

My biggest dilemma  ….”How was I going to fit a Full size bed and a teepee in this room!?” I  considered getting rid of the dresser at one point but in the end it all worked out!😊

First, I decided to spice up her IKEA dresser! I found these gorgeous gold knobs at Burlington for only $12! This was a super easy DIY project anyone can do! The only other item I needed was a Philips screwdriver! And Voila!!image


Next, I searched  my closets & basement for frames that I had and did not use! I found this gold frame from her first birthday party that I had spray painted with gold glitter. I also fonus this “D” laying around from her party! What a perfect match! Most of the other frames were purchased on clearance and were inexpensive (Burlington and Home Goods were definitely my “go to” spots for this project!)

Frame Gallery

No holes in these walls! Command strips all the way baby!😊( I also know my hubs gets terrified when he sees me with his tools in hand!  )

I was also lucky and found her bedding and teepee at Home Goods!

*Word of Advice for this teepee- I became discouraged when I read the dimensions of some of the teepees because I knew that “mathematically” her bed, dresser and teepee would not fit but I’m glad I went against this theory and bought the teepee anyway! It was actually adjustable and I was able to position  the dowels to fit right where I wanted them to go!! 😊image

Here are some small shelves I purchased at Target and I styled them with more frames I had laying around!image

And here’s another small wall !  A frame and some  tassels,  how fun! Frame and tassels

The final touch -were these gold heart decals I found on Amazon! I loved the idea of a confetti wall but wanted to use something other than polka dots. Can you feel the “love” 😍 in this room!


I would love to here what you think! Any questions comment below!



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